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【亚搏视讯】德国765天首胜,直布罗陀却能2连胜 这是欧国联的魅力

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In the D group of the A division, Germany finally won. Why use finally to describe it? Because Germany was founded from the European League, it had never won the game before yesterday. In the last UEFA Europa League, Germany and the Netherlands and France were in the same group. As a result, they had 2 draws and 2 losses in 4 games, and the points were the lowest. If it had not benefited from the restructuring of the current European League, Germany should now struggle in the B-level zone.


In the current UEFA Europa League, which is the UEFA Europa League in the 2020-2021 season, Germany and Spain, Ukraine, and Switzerland are in the same group. In the previous two games, Germany drew with Spain and Switzerland and still failed to win. Finally, in the face of the group's third opponent Ukraine, the German team won. They defeated the Eastern European team 2-1 and won the hard-earned European League first victory.

在目前的欧洲足球联盟(UEFA Europa League)(即2020-2021赛季欧洲足球联盟)中,德国与西班牙,乌克兰和瑞士同属一个组。在前两场比赛中,德国与西班牙和瑞士并列,但仍未获胜。最终,面对小组的第三个对手乌克兰,德国队获胜。他们以2-1击败东欧队,赢得了来之不易的欧洲联赛首场胜利。

To say, the performance of the German team is really bad. The Ukrainian team was hit by the epidemic not long ago. In the warm-up match against France a few days ago, only 14 players in the team were healthy. In that game, France finally won, and a friendly match became an exhibition match for French players.


Therefore, the German team defeating Ukraine 2-1 is not worthy of praise. But what they deserve to celebrate is their first victory in the UEFA Europa League. After all, judging from the current momentum, this creative competition of the European League has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of teams outside of the traditional football powers, and there is a lot to do in the future.


For example, when the German team was struggling to win its first victory, a team ranked close to FIFA's 200th place was able to achieve two consecutive victories in this event.


This is the Gibraltar team. On the same day that the German team won their first victory, Gibraltar defeated Liechtenstein away, which was another victory they achieved after defeating San Marino on September 5. Currently, Gibraltar tops the list in the second group of the D zone. With this momentum, in the UEFA next season, we are very hopeful that Gibraltar will appear in the C division and compete with a European Cup champion team like Greece.


It has to be said that the European League matches are exquisitely set up, and the national team is formed with the thinking of the league. All teams have the hope of reaching the highest level and competing for the highest honor亚搏视讯 through the first level of competition. Compared with previous intercontinental competitions such as the World Cup and the European Cup, only the performance of strong teams can be seen. The European League’s game system is set, and small country football also has a platform to show its own, and can be promoted through hard work to maintain upward motivation. The traditional strong teams must also strive for excellence in this event, otherwise they will face the dilemma of relegation like Germany in the previous season.


If the first UEFA Europa League is just an experiment, then in the second session now, the UEFA Nations League has received more and more attention from European football countries. As the defending champions, Portugal is preparing for the UEFA Europa League in the future. They have invited Ronaldo, the strongest player in the team. Tonight, Portugal will play against France, Ronaldo posted a mobilization map on his social account: Here we are.


It is worth mentioning that yesterday's UEFA Europa League had another match that gave birth to an "unknown" hero. It was a game against Cyprus in Luxembourg. The home team Luxembourg player Sinani scored twice to help the team win 2-0.


The亚搏视讯 23-year-old Sinani made his debut in the Luxembourg team United Athletic. After being poached by Luxembourg domestic giant Dudelange in 2017, he began to take off. In July of this year, Sinani joined Norwich, who was visa-free to the British Championship, and was immediately loaned to the Belgian first-tier team Wasland Beveren.

23岁的锡亚搏集团纳尼(Sinani)在卢森堡联合运动队(United Athletic)首次亮相。在2017年被卢森堡国内巨头Dudelange偷猎后,他开始起飞。今年7月,锡那尼(Sinani)加入了诺维奇(Norwich),后者获得了英国锦标赛的免签证待遇,并立即借给了比利时一线队瓦斯兰·贝弗伦(Wasland Beveren)。

Although only 23 years old, there is no doubt that Sinani is becoming the biggest weapon in Luxembourg's offense. In the last UEFA Europa League, Sinani scored 3 goals and assisted 3 times in 6 games. In yesterday's game against Cyprus, Sinani not only scored twice, but also scored a cancelled goal, which is evident in his offensive ability.


At present, Luxembourg is 3 points behind Montenegro in the C zone, and there is still a chance to advance to the top of the group. And, at present, Luxembourg does have this ability. In addition to Sinani, they also have Gersson who played for Dynamo Kyiv, the strong Ukrainian team, Barreiro who played for Mainz, and many players who played for teams such as the Swiss Super League and the Swedish Super League.


The UEFA Europa League event not only provides more professional players with the possibility of growing and achieving themselves, but also shows the diversity of football for us as neutral fans. This is the charm of the UEFA and also the charm of football.


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