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With the final whistle of Chongqing Dangdai and Shanghai SIPG last night, the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League has officially ended. At this point, the fierce battle of "calling billions of hearts" will also be temporarily suspended. In the end, Chongqing Dangdai ranked third in the Suzhou Division with 7 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses, and successfully entered the championship group, completed the season relegation task, and achieved a six-game winning streak.


Taking this opportunity, Chongqing Contemporary Football Team also expresses its sincere thanks to all parties.


Saying hard, thank you.


Thanks to the municipal government


Encourage and support


Do not forget the original intention and live up to your entrustment. The Chongqing Modern Football Team successfully completed the set goals of the season, and it is inseparable from the encouragement and support of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and the relevant functional departments. I would like to thank the leaders of Chongqing Sports Bureau, Municipal Football and Sports Management Center, and Municipal Football Association for their concern and help for giving the team confidence in the ups and downs of the team. I also thank the Municipal Health Commission, the Foreign Affairs Office of the Municipal People’s Government, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Yuzhong District, the Health Committee of Yuzhong District, the Center for Disease Control of Yuzhong District, the Social Development Bureau of Liangjiang New District, and the Health Committee of Liangjiang New District for their involvement with the club during the epidemic. Great assistance in epidemic prevention work. I would like to thank the Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau (Chongqing Foreign Experts Bureau) and the Exit-Entry Administration Detachment of Jiangbei District Public Security Bureau of Chongqing for their support in visa work for foreigners. Thanks to the functional departments at all levels for their assistance to our club. All parties work together and all parties are present to escort the team and make the team stable and far-reaching


Thanks to contemporary group


Concern and condolences, caring


Whether it is during the epidemic or at the moment of the competition, Dangdai Group has provided various support to the team with practical actions. During the epidemic, the contemporary group, the investor of the Chongqing Modern Football Team, joined hands with its partner companies to donate a total of 20 million yuan in materials and funds to support Wuhan's fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. This move set an example for the team in winter training and strengthened the team's determination to fight the epidemic. Subsequently, the team responded, and the club also donated 10,000 masks to the frontline of the Chongqing epidemic, and more than a dozen team members also donated money and materials to contribute. Before and after the restart of the competition, the group also continued to pay attention to the team's dynamics. When the team's record fluctuated, it rebuilt the team's confidence, stabilized the generals' spirit, and emphasized hard work and perseverance.


Concerned, condolences, caring, moisturizing silently, only thanks.


Thank you Chongqing fans


We are in the same boat


"Fans are the loveliest people." During the epidemic, countless Chongqing fans joined the frontline of the epidemic, or as white angels, retrograde frontline, without hesitation; or for community staff, dedicated to the front line, without complaint or regret; or just ordinary people, volunteering Service, fight against the epidemic. Perseverance and perseverance, touch and encourage the team. After the fog and the wind warmed up, the fans sent countless cares and blessings to the team. Event participation, the second scene, and the away expedition, Chongqing fans went into battle and showed their style again. When the team is in a downturn, the fans will not leave, not only criticizing and accusing, but also caring and concerned; when the team is bright, the fans are not hesitating to praise and share happiness with the team. In the future, we will continue to fight, firmly trust, and fight side by side.


We share the same honor and disgrace, we are in the same boat, we will follow all the way, only thanks.


Thanks general


Fight fearlessly, fight with passion


Most thanks to this group of struggling Chongqing contemporary soldiers. From winter training to spring training and summer training, the team has gone through the stages of training in Zhuhai, Okinawa, and Dubai. They have gone all the way to experience and worked tirelessly. From the uneven personnel at the beginning of the season and the poor record to the return of foreign aid to the team, the team is getting better and better and making history. Because of the regional system of battle, the generals are far away from family and friends, and for the time being, they can relax and relax. They have to use the screen to relieve the worries of family members and improve themselves through sweat. However, on the court, there was no fear of fighting again and again, time after time, and time after time, courageous fighting again and again, the Chongqing players demonstrated the spirit of the team and played Chongqing's character and courage.


Also thank you for the dedication of the coaching team, as well as the perseverance of the staff, in front of the stage and behind the scenes, paying tribute to every hero.


Fearless hard work, passionate battle, perseverance, only thanks.


Recalling the past, thank you so much; looking ahead, continue to fight. The first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League has come to an end for the time being, but time is not waiting for me, and the new war will be burned again. As a strong army, accumulate and develop, we need to work together to show our ambitions.

回顾过去,非常感谢。展望未来,继续奋斗。 2020年中国超级联赛的第一阶段暂时已经结束,但是时间不在等待我,新的战争将再次燃起。作为一支强大的军队,不断积累和发展,我们需要共同努力以展示我们的雄心壮志。

Thanks, grateful, grateful, and moved, we continue to fight for Chongqing!


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